Emails to owners arriving late

Please be aware that even if we send the email straight away the owners email server may not deliver it immediately to their inbox, some email servers like bigpond will 'HOLD' emails and not deliver to the owners inbox, we have no control of this as once we deliver the email to the owners email server it is up to their server when it arrives in their inbox.

A good way to check this is to check it in your admin.

When you look at the list of Sent Message you will see CREATED TIME, then if you click the view button to the right you will see a list of people who received the email and the time it was sent.

Please check this against the owner who has said they received and email late, there should be a time difference of no more than a few minutes (about 20 minutes for video as we need to allow time for the video to be converted).

If there is a large time difference from the CREATED TIME and SENT TIME in your admin please let us know, if not then the owners email server is 'HOLDING' the email and they will need to contact their email provider to ask why this is happening.

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