Connecting to Xero

To connect miBilling to your Xero account, go to the miStable Dashboard > Billing > Settings > Xero connect. You will be prompted to connect to your Xero account and asked to enter your Xero login details. If you are a user of multiple Xero accounts, you will be prompted to select the company you wish to connect to. Click LOG IN to start the connection process. You will be redirected back to miStable once the connection has been successful.


NOTE: updating is allowed to connect multiple Organisation. So then connect successfully, please select an Organisation to continue.


If you've set up 2-step authentication, you'll also need to:

3. Open the Authenticator App on your phone.
4. Copy the six-digit code provided by the App into Xero
5. Click Log in Details for setting up authentication software on your device are as follows:-




Most users with access to an Australian organisation need to use two-step authentication, in line with ATO requirements. If two-step authentication is mandatory for your user role, and you haven't yet set it up, follow these steps.
1. If you haven't already done so, install an authenticator app on your PC or mobile device.
Eg. Google Authenticator or Authy.
2. Go to the Xero login screen.
3. Enter your email address and password, and click Login.
4. Click Set up two-step authentication.
5. In your authenticator app, add a new account (eg click the plus icon in Google Authenticator, or select Add Account in Authy).
6. Scan the barcode showing in Xero into your authenticator app. Alternatively, click Enter key, then enter the Account and Key showing in Xero into your authenticator app. Make sure you turn on Time-based if you enter the key manually.
7. Click Continue.
8. Enter the six-digit code generated by your authenticator app, then click Continue.
9. Select three security questions as a recovery method, enter the answers, then click Continue.
10. If you want to use an alternative email address as an additional recovery method, enter the email address then click Send Code. Enter the six-digit code we sent to that address, then click Confirm Email.
11. Click Finish. You're now set up to use two-step authentication next time you log into Xero.


Add an alternative email address

If you’re already using 2SA (2-Step Authentication) you can add an alternative email address as another recovery method. The email address must be different from the one you use as your Xero login.
1. Go to the login page.
2. Enter your email address and password, and click Login.
3. Click Use another authentication method.
4. In the Alternative email address box, click Set up.
5. Verify your identity by entering an authentication code or answering your security questions.
6. Enter the email address you want to use.
7. Click Send code.
8. Enter the six-digit code we sent to the alternative email address, then click Confirm Email.
9. Click Finish.

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