How to Edit a POST page

A post page is a page that can have many entries like Staff or Success and Highlights.

To edit go to;

CMS->Manage Post then click on the orange edit button for the Post page you wish to edit.

On the edit page first you will see a section for the general configuration of the page;

  1. Name - this is for you reference
  2. Menu - the Menu item you wish to attach the page to
  3. Title - The title of the page which will be shown on the website
  4. Static Page - if it is assigned to an existing page
  5. Description - Text that will appear at the top of the page before any posts

To add a post click the Add new post button, to edit a post click the orange edit button next to the post

The Content of this page will differ according to the type of Post Template you have used. 


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