Rejected Emails

When you log into MiStable you will see a red circle in the top corner with Failed emails this week. If you click on this you will see all the recent failed email.

Reasons emails can fail;

Soft Bounce

This means we tried to send the email but the owners email server but rejected the email without any message. A soft bounce might occur because the recipient's inbox is full.

Hard Bounce

This means we tried to send the email but the owners email server but rejected the email because there is no such email or account on the server


This means we tried to send mail to the owner but their mail server rejected it as spam

Bad Mailbox

This means the owner's email account is incorrect or invalid

Mail Box Full

This means the owner's inbox is full and the account can not receive any more emails

Mail Blocked

The recipients email server has blocked the email

Relaying Denied

The message was blocked by the receiver because relaying is not allowed

Generation Rejection

pleas see more aboutGeneration Rejection here


If the message is a hard bounce or Spam the owners email setting are automatically switched to off as if we continue to send to the email address our server may be put on a spam black list which would effect everyones email.

If we receive a Hard Bounce or a Spam message, we need to automatically turn the contacts to off, if we continue to try and send mail to the address after hard bounce or Spam message our mail servers could be put on a blacklist and all email would be rejected.

The notifications column will indicated if the contacts settings have been changed, you may wish to contact this person and ask if they have a new email address.


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