SEO Search Engine Optimizing your site for google

Everyone wants to be on the top of a google search result, here are some tips to help google index your site and get higher places on the search results.

Use Keywords in your Menu Title and Description

Using keywords in the Menu items title and description helps google know what the page is about, when a user searches for a keywords, google will know your page title and description mentioned these words so they will rank your site in the results.

The Title and description is also what google will display in the search results see below

Keywords in your page titles

Google will also index your page titles, if you add some keywords to your page titles (especially on important pages like Home and Horses Available) google will know that the keywords a user is search for relates to your page.

Example; instead of "Welcome To The Our Website", add some descriptive Keywords
"John Citizen Australian Race Horse Trainer" or "Australian Thoroughbred Horse Trainer John Citizen"

This way google will know the page is about these keywords.


Google will also rate you on how many other sites are linking back to yours, add links to your site on as many places as you can, are you on

Social Sites

Facebook, Twitter and Linked In (to name a few) are great ways to drive traffic to you website, google will pick up on this and start to rank you higher as well.


Even after making the above changes, Google will not make any changes straight away, so be patient and let your site grow.

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