Adding Youtube Video to a page or horses available

To add youtube video to a page do the following;

  1. go to the page on youtube where the video is.
  2. click the Share icon
  3. now click the Embed button
  4. Copy the text/code underneath example

You can upload videos directly into MiStable CMS please see the Upload Video page in our hep centre

To add video to your website

  1. Go to you MiStable Admin
  2. find and edit the page you wish the video to appear on
  3. in the editor click the video icon 
  4. Paste your youtube code int the pop up
  5. Click insert and save the page

To add video to a horse on horses available

  1. Go to you MiStable Admin
  2. Go to CMS -> Horses Available and chose edit to the horse you want the video to appear on.
  3. in the Video section paste your youtube code
  4. Click submit to save


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