Posting to Twitter and Facebook

Step 1: Login into your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts first (or any other social network you wish to auto post to).

Step 2:  Head over to and signup for a free account. 

Step 3:  After signing up you will be taken to the dashboard


Step4 :  in the find a feed section and the url to your mistable new feed
http://[]/rssfeeds/stable-news.xml (replace with your website domain name) and click the search button

- your rss feed will appear below the field your just entered



Step 5:  Click the add button to the right of the new entry (+).

Step 6:  Click “Next: Connect Socials” 

Step 7:  Click on the icon of the social network you wish the feed to automatically post to


Step 8: if you have multiple page accounts with Facebook it will ask you which you wish to post to.

Step 9: Click Connect

Step 10: Follow any steps to authorise the connection (this may differ for each type of social network) then click "Start Posting"



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