CMS - Content Management System

The CMS tab is located in the admin of your website section of the software. 

It is the second Tab on the left and when clicked has a drop down box with ? content management options, they are: mceclip0.png

Manage Menu: This section is how you make up the framework of your website. It sets up the main menu (Parent menu).  You can arrange your menu items to sit under the main menu item which forms a drop down box effect. 


Manage Pages: This is where you create the pages to link to the main menu items you setup in the "Manage menu" section. These are the pages you will work with most to edit content throughout your website. Much of the content will not require too many changes, but you will want to update some pages more often. 


Manage Posts:  This create s "blog" style format and is ideally good for pages such as success and highlights, staff, and blog pages. You can use this format instead of the "Manage Pages" format. The "Post" pages also link to the parent menu items. 


Manage News: This is probably one of the most used items for your website. You will post news items weekly. These are your "Stable News" items and will display both on the home page and also. 


Manage Contact Page: You can manage the content for your contact page  including address, phone, and activate google maps. 


Manage Horses Available: This is where you upload your horses available.  You need to have added the horse including the image of the horse in the DASHBOARD of your owner communications section first before activating it on the website. You can add video code, images and additional files such as PDS documentation in this section.


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